Biomed Lublin changes its name to Synthaverse
and presents a new branding.
We are honored to inform you that the pharmaceutical company Biomed Lublin is undergoing a historic transformation.
From today it gains a new name – Synthaverse.

Over the years, Biomed Lublin has become famous for its innovative pharmaceutical solutions, excellent quality products and commitment to improving the health and well-being of patients around the world.

“Now, as Synthaverse, we want to continue our mission, focusing even more on discovering, developing and implementing innovative pharmaceutical technologies and expanding on foreign markets,” – says Mieczysław Starkowicz, President of the Management Board.

"Our new name symbolizes the combination of two ideas: "synthesis" and "diversity". "Synthesis" refers to the process of combining different components to create something new and innovative, while "diversity" suggests different approaches and perspectives. Together, the name Synthaverse suggests a company whose DNA is determined by the synthesis of various ideas and approaches to pharmacy in order to search for groundbreaking innovations that push the boundaries of medicine,” adds Mieczysław Starkowicz, President of the Management Board.

We look forward to the upcoming changes and partnerships we will form as Synthaverse. We would like to thank our existing contractors for their long-term support and trust. We encourage everyone to contact our sales and export teams and follow the website, where we will share news about our activities and the latest information about our products and research.

Team Synthaverse